AIPoly – Visual Intelligence App for the Blind

Aipoly Vision is an invention, which uses visual recognition techniques that enable the blind or visually impaired to identify objects in their surroundings in a quick and almost real-time manner. Its colour picker capability could also be advantageous to the colour blind.  

Aipoly allows the end user to install and run its mobile application, which captures the camera’s inputs and describes it aloud to the user.

This visual intelligence platform is able to identify and recognize thousands of real world objects. It is capable of object identification(flowers, animals, fruits etc.), object description (yellow sunflower, Labrador dog, green apple etc.), action recognition (e.g. man riding a bicycle), product recognition (e.g. Coca Cola 12oz can, Heinz Baked Beanz 4pk etc.), facial recognition (with associated names) and can read out signs and posts.


Aipoly uses a convolutional neural network, which is a class of deep learning that is applied to analyzing visual imagery.

Their innovation team is also expected to come up with an advanced augmented reality AI version called Poly, which along with including thousands of more recognizable items, will also be able to understand and describe complex scenes around you and the position of objects within it (e.g ‘a dog near a lamp post’).