RAC Telematics – Vehicle Tracking and Crash Detection

RAC, which is one of United Kingdom’s largest motor organizations with over 8 million members, uses advanced computing systems for roadside assistance, insurance and other services to motorists.

RAC has developed a game-changing vehicle tracking technology called RAC Telematics, which is a crash sensing system to detect car crashes and collisions at low speeds.

RAC Telematics is said to use advanced machine learning techniques to monitor acceleration and vibration signatures at the point of an incident, to distinguish crash events from non-crash events like hitting speed bumps and potholes.

In an independent test assessment conducted by UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), the test trials indicated a 92% accuracy in crash incidents by RAC Telematics, while conducting over 60 controlled tests of vehicle impacts over a range of speeds, impact orientation and vehicle types.

With this crash detection capability, RAC is said to be better equipped to enable rapid response to roadside incidents, mitigate insurance costs and reduce crashes. Insurance providers receive first notification of loss with details of the crash and location of the vehicle. Lease companies will also benefit from having deeper insight of leased vehicles and can better service customers for repair and maintenance.

Business fleets and motorists have also benefited with the installation of the telematics units, which drive down costs by improving fuel efficiency, identify potential vehicle health risks, facilitate on-the-job-driver training and improve driver style and safety, reduce insurance premiums, and provide real-time and historical reporting of vehicle details.



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