Enlitic’s Learning Algorithm to Auto-Diagnose Medical Records


Enlitic is a San-Fransisco based company, which aims to facilitate the medical community with their AI platform that can incorporate large amounts of unstructured medical data from multiple sources, such as clinical records and medical histories of patients, laboratory test results, pathology images and radiology scans while processing them in a matter of milliseconds.

This allows for faster and accurate treatment planning, especially while handling medical information of larger scale, and will particularly be useful in countries having publicly funded national healthcare systems, such as the United Kingdom and many others in Europe, to reduce the overload faced by the medical community.


Enlitic, consisting of a group of medical professionals and data scientists, have come up with a deep learning algorithm that works on Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and is capable of processing new and historical clinical records and images, detect diseases, prioritize high-risk illnesses and highlight them to the appropriate medical experts, who can take quick and appropriate action based on the diagnostic results.

They have partnered with healthcare providers and academic research institutions in Australia and Asia to have access to deeper insights into medical data, in order to better train and develop their learning algorithms. 

In October 2015, Enlitic raised funds of over $10M by partnering with Australia-based Capitol Health that specializes in diagnostic imaging services to assist radiologists in better decision-making.




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Tractable – Medical Imagery AI Platform to assist Radiologists



Tractable has produced a medical imagery AI platform, which interprets X-rays and full-scans, and recognizes high-risk symptoms. A detailed assessment of the diagnosis, along with the relevant images, is then produced, to allow expert radiologists to make better decisions for their patients by recommending the appropriate treatment. 


Read Tractable’s founder, Alex Daylac’s interview in the AI summit:




Tractable Medical Imagery